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Company Overview

PARKnSHOP is the leading supermarket chain in Hong Kong. Our brand promise is "You earn more at PARKnSHOP" as we are confident in offering value for money, wide product choice, freshness & safety, and tailored stores to meet the needs of different customer segments.


Value for Money

  • Offer hundreds of promotions with especially deep savings.
  • MoneyBack loyalty program provides members with tailor made offers.
  • Thousands of Own Labels give customers choice, value and quality.

Wide Product Choice
  • Hold seasonal bazaars and country food festivals frequently to provide excitement.
  • Wide range of Asian and Western products sourced from around the world.
  • Wide choice of organic food.

Freshness & Safety
  • Quality Assurance enforces the standards in freshness and food safety audits of stores, suppliers, and fresh food distribution centre.
  • "Vegetable Barcode ID Card" and "Farm Check" Quality Control records enable us to trace the origin of vegetable to the exact farm it was grown. They also detail the full life history of the vegetable to give you the peace of mind.

Tailored Stores
  • More than 290 stores in Hong Kong and Macau with different store formats to meet the needs of different customer segments.


PARKnSHOP store is our mainstream brand.
International by PARKnSHOP is an international supermarket concept that provides different flavours of East and West, catered for International Asian and Western customer segments.
Taste is an international Asian superstore concept that provides customers with "More than Food" shopping experience.
Fusion by PARKnSHOP is an international superstore concept that combines the freshness produce with a wide selection of western delicacies.
From expertly selected fresh produce to ready-prepared meals and light bites – the fine culinary delights are presented to you in an elegant new space.
  • Asia's Finest High End International Food Hall.
  • Widely recognized as the Best Food Shop in Hong Kong.
New concept destination store SU-PA-DE-PA is a unique name with SU-PA means supermarket and DE-PA means department store. The name itself is a cutting-edge concept combining supermarket and department store to cater for all customers' daily needs: food, clothing, living and entertainment!
滋味佳 is a Japanese and Korean snack specialty store.
Express is a convenience store concept that serves cosmopolitan customers for take-away.
PARKnSHOP Frozen Food provides daily frozen and chilled food with value for money. Basic grocery and drinks are also available.

PARKnSHOP's retailing foresight and management drive are well recognized through numerous consumer, industry and community awards. We are frequent winners of prestigious service awards and are among the most trusted and respected retail brands in the region.

PARKnSHOP is a member of the A.S. Watson Group (ASW), a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. A.S. Watson Group is the largest international health & beauty retailer in Asia and Europe, with over 10,800 retail stores in 25 markets. The Group has a diverse portfolio of market leading retail brands offering everything from health & beauty, food, electronics, wine to perfumes. With over 100,000 employees, the Group is also a member of the world renowned multinational conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Limited, which has six core businesses - ports and related services, property and hotels, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications in more than 50 countries.

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