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The First Supermarket Fishipedia in Hong Kong

There are so many types of fish and seafood with so many names for each variety. That's why PARKnSHOP has gathered fish and seafood information from the most authoritative sources and websites around the world like the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, FishBase, HK Fish Net, etc. to bring you Fishipedia – You will gain new knowledge and understanding that will help you in selecting, handling and preparing fish and seafood for your family. And there is peace-of-mind too, as we will give you all the details about our fish and seafood quality assurance system.
There are over 120 fish species in 5 categories, which are based on how fish and seafood are available to you at PARKnSHOP. Fish and seafood can be obtained by 2 methods and are categorized into farm fish and wild catch.

Fish Categories
Fishes and seafood are divided into five categories based on how they are available to you in our stores. These are:
Frozen Fish: Frozen to -18C or colder soon after they are caught, usually sold in fillet form or cut into steaks
Ice-bed Fish: Usually caught by fishermen mainly in the South China Sea and sold on a bed of ice
Live Seawater Fish: Wild Catch and Farm Fish sold live
Live Fresh Water Fish: Usually Farm Fish from Guangdong province and sold live
Other Seafood: Mainly include shellfish, crustaceans and molluscs

Wild Catch VS Farm Fish
Fishes and seafood are obtained by 2 methods and are categorized into followings:
  • Caught live all around the world
  • Many species / types that cannot be farmed
  • Fed through the ocean's natural food chain
  • Raised on fish farms
  • Fed with tailor-made fish feeds
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