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Home Our Position on Microplastic
Our Position on Microplastic
Food Waste Reduction at Source
Our Position on Microplastic

Microplastics are solid synthetic polymer (plastic) particles, insoluble in water. Due to their small size (smaller than 5mm) they often pass through sewage water filtration systems and can pollute waterways. Microplastics impact the food chain as they can be ingested by marine organisms.

Since 2014, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong has taken voluntary steps to remove microplastics from our Own Brand rinse-off cosmetics/personal care scrub products.

To further fulfill our responsibility to the environment, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong has stopped selling all rinse-off cosmetics products/ personal care products containing microplastics at its stores since January 2020.

Plastic Reduction Measures

PARKnSHOP has taken the proactive steps to implement different plastic-reduction measures.

Since 2019, we have initiated selling more fresh produce such as apples, oranges and pears etc in loose form at over 10 stores and reduced importing prepacked fruit & vegetables through the "Greener Market" Scheme, which effectively reduces the usage of plastic packaging.

Meanwhile, PARKnSHOP has launched a "Bring Your Own Containers" programme in more than 20 stores with siu mei counters and salad bar. To encourage customers to go green, customers can enjoy a discount offer of $2 for every container they bring along to store.

To encourage our customers to shop with environmental bags, PARKnSHOP has launched "Share Your Bag" scheme at over 100 designated stores. Customers can wash the used bags and leave them at the share station in our stores for others to reuse.

The schemes are now implemented at different designated stores and we will review the operation situation and result and consider extending them to more stores.

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