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ARISTA SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test

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Product Code:805417

intended for in vitro qualitative detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus nucleocapsid (N) protein antigen in deep throat sputum, oropharyngeal, nasal and nasopharyngeal swab specimens.


Product Specification

Plastic & Diluent Viral


1. Accurate with overall consistency results exceeding 95% when compared to RT-PCR testing
2. Can detect [Omicron] and [Delta] viruses.
3. Approved: CE marking in conformity with European in-Vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive 98/79/CE
4. Fast Result & Ease to Use at home
5. The entire test is supplied in a hand-sized pack with no additional equipment required.
6. Made in Singapore
7. The clinical test conducted by the laboratory which has passed the COVID-19 competency test with the assistance by the Department of Health (COVID-19), confirmed that the ARISTA COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test product fully complies with EU standards.

How to Use

I. Deep throat sputum (preferred method)
1. Best conducted first thing in the morning before rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth
2. Unscrew the purple top from the dropper tube, cut or twist snap open the diluent vial and add 10 drops of solution into the dropper tube
3. Inhale deeply and exhale forcefully, repeat three times
4. Cough deep from within your chest to produce sputum
5. Spit your sputum (slight yellow/green colour) into the sputum dish
6. Use the sterile swab stick to mix and cover it fully with the sputum
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II. Throat & Tonsil swab method (alternative method)
1. The swabbing procedure should be conducted by a second person
2. Unscrew the purple top from the dropper tube, cut or twist snap open the diluent vial and add 10 drops of solution into the dropper tube
3. Remove the sterile swab stick from the wrapper being careful to avoid contacting the tip with any foreign surface
4. Instruct the person being tested to open his mouth and say “ahhh”. When swabbing children, it is advisable to depress their tongue with the back of a teaspoon for ease of application and additional safety
5. Swab the back of the throat including the left and right tonsil area, taking care not to contact the swab tip with any other part of the mouth
………Continue to [Conducting the test]

1. Insert the swab stick into the dropper
tube and rinse it in the solution for 30
2. Remove the swab stick and dispose
safely in the provided plastic bag
3. Replace the purple screw top onto the
dropper tube and shake vigorously for
approximately 5 seconds
4. Remove the white screw cap from the
tip of the dropper tube
5. Add 5 drops of sample into the test
cassette well S
6. Wait 15 to 20 minutes
7. Read and record your result
8. Dispose all materials in the plastic bag
provided and wash your hands


1. disposable swab (one)
2. dropper tube (one)
3. diluent viral (one)
4. sputum dish (one)
5. test cassette (one)

Storage Condition

The product should be stored in a cool place. The product is stable until the expiration date indicated on the outer package.


1. For in vitro diagnostic use.
2. Nasopharyngeal swab specimen should only be performed by trained professionals.
3. Follow standard precautions when using the product and handling specimens.
4. Follow this Instructions for Use for optimal performance of this test.
5. Only open the foil pack immediately before use. Do not use if it is damaged, unintentionally opened prior to use or has been exposed to environmental conditions outside of those specified.
6. Do not use the product beyond the expiration date.
7. Do not reuse any components.
8. Do not use the swab other than the one provided in the package.
9. Inappropriate sample collection, storage or transportation may yield incorrect test results.
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