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Food Safety Centre
Food Safety Centre

Established in 2000, PARKnSHOP's Food Safety Centre (FSC) is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and focuses on fresh food safety standards. The FSC consists of a team of dedicated food scientists that set up and run the following:

1. Fresh Food Supplier Award Scheme
This scheme has been specifically designed to help fresh food suppliers to develop and improve food safety standards in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of Asia. Our food scientists conduct detailed on site inspections and audits where a detailed report is produced which identifies any areas in need of improvement and awards the supplier a grade. All PARKnSHOP's fresh food suppliers must be approved under this scheme before being allowed to supply products to our stores.

2. PARKnSHOP Store Audits
Every fresh food counter at PARKnSHOP has a specified food safety operating procedure and all our stores selling fresh food are audited against this procedure. Detailed on site inspections are carried out by our food scientists to ensure procedures are being followed. Correct action is taken when ever improvement is needed.

3. Fresh Foods Distribution
PARKnSHOP stores are the only supermarkets in HK to have two unique fresh food distribution centers and temperature controlled delivery trucks. Strict freshness tests are conducted on deliveries by our QA staff as well as strict monitoring of the cold chain and our Central meat processing plant and Central bakery.

4. Farm Check
PARKnSHOP's FSC has introduced the first ever comprehensive food safety system for all vegetables originating in Mainland China. The system involves a Good Agricultural Practice System being put in place on each farm by our Agricultural Scientists, auditing, traceability by barcodes and a comprehensive pesticide testing program.

5. Food Safety Laboratories
PARKnSHOP has invested in a total renovation of its two food safety laboratories with world class facilities & systems in place. The Pesticide laboratory works overnight testing our vegetables from Mainland China for pesticide residues using advanced GCMS (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry) technology and other methods. The microbiology laboratory tests for an array of food spoilage & food poisoning organisms in order to closely monitor the safety of the food we sell. Our Microbiology Laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO / IEC17025:2005 and HOKLAS.

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