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Product Code:801556


Heat Relief product during summer, create an icy sensation when the cooling ingredietns react with your sweat. Keep you cool in summer.
Suitable for sports, outdoor activities, shopping, commuting, or under hot environment.
Spray before going out, the cooling ingredients can penetrate into your shirt for later effect.
Strong Mint Fragrance for a refreshing cooling sensation.

How to Use

Turn the blue lock to open.
Spray the entire clothes at about 10cm away from it. (Spray around the desired area for about 3-5 times. Spray on clothes where perspire easily for more obvious effect. E.g. collar, underarm or back
Return the blue lock back to its original position


Inflammable. Don not use near fire.Use stove or firing tools only after the clothes dry thoroughly after spray.
Avoid excessive usage in rooms where firing tools exist.
Do not spray inside vehicles, sealed or poor ventilated areas.
This product can only apply on clothes. Avoid diect contact with skin.
In case there is stain or dirt on clothing, please wipe if off before use to avoid it from being difficult to clean.
Avoid using on leather or fur materials.
Using on silk, rayon or materials which may be discolored easily should use a tissue to cover unobvious area and spray on the tissue for checking before actual use.
Do not lay clothings which may easily be discolored on sprayed clothings.
Persons with weak skin should try small amount to ensure no abnormal situation before actual use.
Do not use on clothing areas covering wounds, burn or any abnormal skin conditions.
if the clothing is tight on body, reduce the usage amount. In case of any skin discomfort after use, please stop using immediately.
Do not spray on clothing covering delicate areas or mucous membranes.
Use only as directed.
Keep out of reach of children and persons with dementia.
Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature.
Dispose of the product only when it is used up. Do not spray and store the product when it is inverted.
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