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Spatone Apple 28 Days

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Product Code:264877
Suitable for Women with periodic discomfort, pregnant women, prenatal or postpartum, thin body, loss of appetite, excessive blood loss (such as blood donation, after surgery). Spatone can be used by Vegetarians and athletes&.,& People who often feel tired, pale, cold hands and feet, weak nails, hair loss, poor appetiteTrefriw Wells Spa is located in Snowdonia, North Wales, England. Millions worldwide have used this naturally sourced liquid iron supplement to support healthy lifestyles.Spatone can be easily absorbed by the body, which its bioavailability of iron is around 40%. Vitamin C has been added to each sachet. Spatone helps to replenish iron which helps release energy and supports a healthy immune system. Spatone make you feel energetic and ruddy and lustrous complexion.Iron is an essential element for blood production. Iron deficiency may result in deficiency of iron and "qi". Iron can only be absorbed from food and or iron supplements. People can replenish natural iron energy by drinking Spatone natural iron-rich water


- Natural iron-rich spa water- No. 1 naturally sourced iron brand in the UK- The bioavailability of the iron in Spatone is around 40%.- Helps release energy and supports a healthy immune system- Iron-rich water with apple concentrate and vitamin C- Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron- Suitable for vegan- Iron supports a healthy immune system- Fewer unpleasant side effects, such as constipation and stomach irritation- Delicious apple taste
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