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Vegetable Barcode ID Card
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Totally Traceable Total Peace of Mind

Hong Kong's First Vegetable Barcode ID Card
PARKnSHOP's proprietary Vegetable Barcode ID Card Tracing System is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It enables PARKnSHOP to trace detailed information of every basket of Mainland-origin vegetables.

With the Vegetable Barcode ID Card and the "Farm Check" Quality Control records, PARKnSHOP can trace the origin of every vegetable to the exact farm it was grown. It also details the full life history of the vegetable to give you the total peace of mind.

Tracing System
PARKnSHOP through its Barcode Tracing System records every detail systematically of all farm-fresh, Mainland-origin vegetables you buy from PARKnSHOP, including the farm where they were grown, the supplier and their final store destination.This means that PARKnSHOP can instantly trace every vegetable from Mainland China that you buy in PARKnSHOP, every step of the way from source to store to give you total peace of mind.
Strictest Farm Selection
A PARKnSHOP approved farm must meet criteria for two separate evaluations. First, the Mainland China Government (GAQSIQ) approval criteria. Over and above that, it must meet the criteria for the special PARKnSHOP "Farm Check" vegetable monitoring system - the first to be introduced by any Hong Kong retailer - to ensure that your vegetables come from the best quality farms. This unique double evaluation process gives you a double guarantee of freshness and safety.

PARKnSHOP Agricultural Scientists also visit the approved farms for additional ongoing checks to ensure the quality of farm management and the vegetables you buy remain high at all times.
Guaranteed Freshness
Your vegetables are delivered to PARKnSHOP stores immediately after picking, so freshness is guaranteed.
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