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Product Information

Tips & Advice:

Product Details:

Visibly shapes your body by targeting localized problem areas
Combines the patented NARL ultrasound stimulation with the clinically tested AbTronic® EMS technology
The unit generates very specific ultrasound waves with each of the NARL™pads to stimulate the target areas, and further sends gentle electrical pulses to each of the NARL™ pads which cause your muscle to contract and then relax
These impulses are designed to copy the natural nerve signals to obtain efficient and actual muscular contractions
Popular in high-end beauty clinics for slimming treatments
To achieve best results, it is recommended to do light exercise like walking or even housework to burn off additional calories instantly, after the NARL ultrasound stimulation
Program Modes: 4 Program Modes
Power Supply: Li-Polymer battery / 650mAh capacity

1 x Control unit
4 x NARL™pads
1 x Micro USB charging cable 4 x Conductive gel pads
2 x Elastic belt
2 x Soft & Elastic Hook
1 x Carry bag
1 x Manual
1 x Quick start guide

1. All goods sold is not refundable
2. Invoice, packing, accessories, user guide and blank warranty card should be returned together with the product in good condition for exchange (not include any damage caused by man-made). Customer shall contact PNS PLUS customer service center for product exchange within 7 days of purchase
3. Exchange of a product cannot be accepted for any product rejection due to personal preference
4. Customer is allowed to exchange for a product of the same model and same color only
5. Enjoy 12 months product warranty simply by bringing the original PNS PLUS confirmation email together with the product to the specified address. Terms and conditions apply
6. Please contact if any damage (not include any damage caused by man-made) within 12 months warranty

Product Warnings:

The long-term of chronic electrical stimulation are unknown
Apply electrodes ONLY to normal, intact, clean skin
Never use the ABTRONIC™NARL™ while driving, operating machinery or during activities in which involuntary muscle contractions may endanger the user or others
Do not use the ABTRONIC™NARL™ in the bath or shower
Persons with suspected heart problems or epilepsy should obtain appropriate medical advice
The ABTRONIC™NARL™ should never be used while sleeping
Do not immerse the ABTRONIC™NARL™ unit or belt in any liquid
The ABTRONIC™NARL™must be kept out of reach of children
Do not apply stimulation:
- Over the carotid sinus nerves
- Over the neck or mouth. Severe spasms of the laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles may occur with contractions strong enough to close the airway and/or cause difficulty in breathing. Stimulation over the neck can also have an adverse effect on the heart rhythm or blood pressure
- Transcerebrally (through the head)
- Over swollen, infected or inflamed areas of skin eruptions (e.g., phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, etc.)
- Transthoracically; introduction of electrical current into the heart may cause rhythm disturbances, which could be fatal
- Over or in proximity to, cancerous lesions
- If you are epileptic
- After experiencing acute trauma or fracture
- Following recent surgery
- If you have a hernia (abdominal or lingual)
- To the frontal, laryngeal and temporal regions of the neck
ABTRONIC™NARL™ should NOT be used:
- by people, with cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or other implanted electronic or metallic devices
- by pregnant women, and during first 6 weeks after their baby’s birth
- by people with undiagnosed pain syndromes and hemorrhagic diseases
- on injured or otherwise impaired muscles
- on the heart area

Product Usage:

Before first use:
Charge the unit until the battery indicator is solid, indicating the batteries are fully charged
Plug the connectors of the NARL™ pads into the unit observing the black and white colour indicators on the unit
Applying gel sheet:
1. Take the gels sheets out of the bag and peel off one side of the protective film from the gel sheet
2. Stick the gel sheets onto each of the 4 conductive areas on the rear side of the NARL™ pad (If there is an air bubbles under the gel sheets use a finger and press the air to the side of the sheet to escape)
3. After affixing all gel sheets properly, peel off the remaining film
4. Clean the area of your skin you want to affix the gel pads on from any excessive oil before affixing the pads
Attach the gel sheets and place the NARL™ pads on the chosen position
Select Modes by pressing the mode button M during operation followed by the mode selection buttons 1,2,A & B
Mode 1: 10 minutes of NARL ultrasound stimulation (Remark: During NARL ultrasound stimulation the unit will slightly vibrate to indicate ultrasound output)
Mode 2: This is default mode after the unit is switched on.10 minutes of concurrent NARL ultrasound and EMS stimulation (Remark to chante the default mode after switching the unit on press the M button followed by the mode button)
Mode A: 30 minutes of EMS stimulation with pattern A – long deep muscle contractions
Mode B: 30 minutes of EMS stimulation with pattern B – short fast muscle contractions

Storage Condition:

Temperature: 10° C ~40° C (50° ~140° F)
Humidity rate: ≤ 85%
Pressure: Normal atmospheric pressure
Gel Sheet Storage
After use, stick the ABTRONIC™NARL™ pads with the gel sheets attached onto the storage boards
This prevents the gel sheets getting dirty, while not in use
Care and cleaning:
Do not wash the unit in the washing machine or chemical cleaners as this can damage the unit
Do not dry clean
Do not use bleach
Clean the unit with a slightly wet sponge with detergent and wipe with a cloth

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